Room for green thinking.

Green Initiatives. Sustainable Solutions.
A Better Future.

One of our core principles is to take the greatest possible care of the climate and the environment. It pervades everything we do. Our actions are guided by our respect for the Earth’s resources. And for our fellow Earth dwellers.

Below, you can learn more about how this sustainable agenda makes us a responsible business partner and supplier of green solutions and furniture.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals Are Our Goals, too.

We work strategically with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and support all of them. However, our primary focus is on the goals where we can make the biggest difference: Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production and Goal 17: Partnerships for the Goals.

Passing on Resources to Future Generations.

We have donated more than 78.909 pieces of used furniture since 2015.

We donate furniture that our customers no longer need but that is too good to throw away yet not in good enough condition to sell.

The used furniture is donated to the charitable organizations, schools, sports clubs and similar that are members of HOLMRIS B8’s donation network. Donating used furniture extends the lifetime of the furniture, reduces waste, and conserves resources for the production of new furniture.

Donated pieces of furniture
Number of donations
Members of our donation network

Report Documenting your Green Initiatives

When we buy up your used furniture, we provide you with detailed documentation of what and how much has been donated and/or disposed of sustainably in your organization’s name.

Get Precise Data on Furniture’s Carbon Footprint

We are one of the first in the industry to measure the CO2 emissions of the furniture we manufacture.

This means we can give you precise carbon data on your purchased furniture, as well as enabling you to compare products and prioritize low-emission furniture.

Ecolabelled Conference Tables and Desks

Three of our own table series now carry the Nordic Ecolabel.

From Waste to
EU Ecolabelled Sustainable Chair

49,006 Trees Planted. And More to Come.

Buy trees when you buy furniture from us. This is a great way to compensate for the CO2 emitted during furniture production. Together with our customers, we have already planted more than 49,006 trees in Denmark and Africa.

The Big Sustainability Catalog

Dive into 94 inspirational pages on how we can work together to take better care of the world around us. And of each other.

Find out how we work with sustainability and circular economy and why we have chosen to lead the way in the sustainable transformation of the furniture industry.

Be inspired by ecolabelled furniture, green materials, and responsible actions and opinions.