EU Ecolabel / FSC® / 420kg CO₂e / Design: Hans Thyge & Co.

Tweet High

Tweet is a soft seating collection consisting of puff, daybed, chair, loungetable and sofa. The series also contains different covers and Tweet can therefore be combined in many ways.

Tweet is designed by Hans Thyge & Co. and the furniture can stand individually or paired using Tweet Wall, which is an upholstered wall. With this wall, many combinations can be created according to your wishes and needs. Chairs and couches come with either low or high cover.

Available in several designs and colors with many combination options. Accessories include different tables and neck pillows.

The product is a part of Nordic Collection, our series of furniture with climate data.
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Climate data

420kg CO₂e
Climate emission (EU) for 80×80 chair with backrest / Acoustics cover: 85x126x85cm / Textile: Group 1 / Frame: Black.

Compensate for the CO2e-emissions: When you buy furniture through us, you can help plant trees that compensate for the CO2e emissions of furniture production.


FSC® certification: The product can be ordered as FSC-certified. HOLMRIS B8 holds a FSC certification with the license code FSC® C104600.

EU Ecolabel: This product can be ordered in variants certified with the EU Ecolabel.


Upholstery: 10 fabric groups

Frame: Steel in black or mushroom


Seat height: 42 cm
Total height: 126 cm
Width: 80 cm
Length: 80 cm (chair), 160/210 cm (sofa)