We create room for people
with care, expertise and groundbreaking ideas.

We do not simply furnish rooms. We create surroundings and environments where people can exist and coexist. Places that are conducive to focus, progress, dialogue, results, well-being and community. We do all this with high quality and a passion for innovative design, building on a unique mix of our own products and the best from +1,000 suppliers.

Who are you?

At HOLMRIS B8, we are specialists
in four segments


Be excited, enchanted and enriched with new ideas and inspiration from some of the projects where we have created room for people.

We offer

An unique combination of our own products and the best from
+1,000 suppliers


Get useful tips, exciting inspiration and latest trends in innovative interior décor.

Teknologiforståelse - nyt fag i folkeskolen
New school subject seeks to prepare pupils for the digital future


Tigermom - copenhagen
Easy tiger, we got this


results with a circular economy
Guide: How to achieve value-adding results with a circular economy

Circular Economy