About HOLMRIS B8 Circular’s Donation Network

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By offering environmentally friendly disposal of used furniture, HOLMRIS B8 Circular’s Donation Network saves your business money and hassle – while benefiting charitable organisations in the process. All of this is possible thanks to HOLMRIS B8 Circular’s commitment to the principles of circular economy, which hold that disposal of good resources must be the absolute last resort.
What is the Donation Network?
When replacing furniture, more and more businesses are choosing to sell their used furniture to HOLMRIS B8 Circular. Since 2015, HOLMRIS B8 Circular, has specialised in recycling used office furniture in a sustainable manner.

When we purchase thousands of items of used furniture, we often have surplus furniture that cannot be resold. To prevent this furniture from going to waste via disposal and destruction, we have founded the Donation Network.

Through this sharing economy platform, HOLMRIS B8 Circular offers used furniture to schools, associations and other charitable organisations free of charge.

How does that make sense?
Many people wonder how it can be worth it for a business to dedicate resources to giving furniture away for free. The Donation Network makes sense in three ways.

  • Societal benefits
    It benefits society when schools, institutions and associations obtain furniture they need, but cannot afford to buy.
  • Economic benefits
    It makes sense in economic terms, because we save waste disposal and warehouse costs, and because the donations have a significant marketing value for us.
  • Environmental benefits
    And last, but certainly not least, the donations benefit the environment by fulfilling recipients’ needs without the environmental impacts of manufacturing new furniture.

Would your business like to save time and hassle?
Does your business need to dispose of old furniture, and would you like an environmental solution that saves you money and hassle? The Donation Network can help.

We find a recipient who would love to have your old furniture, and who will also pay the costs of shipping and handling.

In the process, you benefit the environment, save money and bring joy to an organisation in need. You also gain branding material with the environmental report we send to you afterwards. The report documents the items donated to each recipient, as well as items ultimately disposed without a recipient, if any. You can use the report internally for employer branding purposes, as well as in your environmental or CSR accounts. HOLMRIS B8 Circular can help you generate publicity in connection with major donations.

Does your school or charitable organisation need furniture?
Does your school, association or charitable organisation need furniture, but can’t afford to buy something new? Then the Donation Network is just for you.

You can register your organisation in the network free of charge, and you will regularly receive email messages from HOLMRIS B8 Circular when we have surplus furniture. These messages typically include photos, quantity information and the location of the furniture. If something catches your attention, just reply to the message and let us know what you’re interested in.

HOLMRIS B8 Circular will then coordinate and distribute the furniture in the most efficient way. The only thing you pay for is the shipping cost.

See the report about the Donation Network by TV2 News on 2 February 2018 (in Danish) here

The Donation Network has more than 1.500 members including schools, voluntary associations and charitable organisations.


More than 100,000 items of furniture have been given away through the Donation Network since its launch in 2015.