EU Ecolabel / FSC® / 140kg CO₂e

Urban Storage

1,00 kr.

Urban Storage is a modern and flexible collection of beautiful storage modules in many different sizes and shapes. Urban Storage is characterized by its spaciousness combined with a light expression, which together provides space for storage without using a lot of space.

Urban Storage is equipped with elegant steel handles, which emphasize the stylish and minimalist expression. In addition, there are also many options to choose from depending on how many shelves are needed.

With this collection, HOLMRIS B8 offers a great degree of flexibility as you can create a storage module that suits your specific needs.

The product is a part of Nordic Collection, our series of furniture with climate data.
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Climate data

140kg CO₂e
Climate emission (EU) for cabinet 81x39x73cm / 2 compartments / 2 lockers, no lock, with slab plinth / Front: Black with grip

Compensate for the CO2e-emissions: When you buy furniture through us, you can help plant trees that compensate for the CO2e emissions of furniture production.


FSC® certification: The product can be ordered as FSC-certified. HOLMRIS B8 holds a FSC certification with the license code FSC® C104600.

EU Ecolabel: This product can be ordered in variants certified with the EU Ecolabel.


Cabinet and rear cladding: Veneer and decor

Front: Decor, veneer, laminate, linoleum and NanoSoft


Height: 37 – 178 cm
Width: 39 cm
Length: 41 – 200 cm