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Last updated May 24, 2018.

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Cookies are in many situations necessary for a website to function optimally. Cookies can be used to differentiate between different users on a website as well as measure website traffic.

If you click something on a website, you accept that cookies are used for the above mentioned purpose.

You can find our cookie conditions here:

  1. Owner information:
    HolmrisB8 A/S
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    Telefon: +45 86 68 24 00
  2. 2. Why do we inform about cookies?
    All Danish websites are obligated to inform users about which cookies are collected from the their IT devices. The information must be in compliance with “the requirement to inform and gain consent to store information in the end users’ devices” (also known as the cookie-act).
  3. Do you have any questions?
    If you have any questions about our use of cookies, you are welcome to contact us at

The website’s owner and contact information
This website is run and owned by:
HolmrisB8 A/S Odinsvej 5
8850 Bjerringbro
CVR nr.: 21320080
Telefon: +45 86 68 24 00

Cookies are small text files with letters and numbers that are placed on your computer or other devices. Cookies are placed when you visit a website that uses cookies and they are used to keep track of which sites you have visited. They help you start where you left off or they remember your language settings or other preferences.

Cookies are important for us because they help make our online services easier to use, to track how our website is used, and to deliver the best possible service to you. To make it easier for you to comprehend how the website uses cookies, we have grouped our cookies into easily understandable categories.

The information is given in an open and transparent way, so you can easily see how cookies are used to make your visit on the website better and therefore you can make an informed choice about the use of cookies. If you want to control or remove cookies, you can do so in the browser settings. Note that it may affect the functionality of a website if you remove cookies. Many of the interactive functions that the website offers are dependent on cookies and blocking or deleting cookies can therefore hinder these functions or reduce their applicability. Follow the guidelines from the browser providers below to configure your browser settings*:
Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE)
Google Chrome
* Note: the instructions above are links directly to the respective browser providers – we are not liable if any of these instructions are not correct.

At, the following cookies are placed
Saves session data for each visit on the website. The cookie is placed by, who offers a tool for building websites. These cookies are stored for 15 minutes and 2 years, respectively.
Doubleclick services are used to administer third party cookies. It is used by Google AdSense to register and report website users’ actions after seeing or clicking an ad. These cookies are stored for 15 minutes and 2 years, respectively. places one persistent cookie to track the user as well as protect the user from well-know, problematic websites. The cookie is stored for 6 months.
ClickDimensions collaborates with HolmrisB8 to collect data for newsletters. ClickDimensions places one persistent cookie that is stored for 24 years, 8 months, and 20 days.
The administrator of the website uses the web analysis tool provided by Google Inc. to collect anonymous information of a qualitative and quantitative nature to improve the applicability of services and information and to improve the user’s experience of the website.
Used by Facebook to deliver different add-services, including real time bidding from third party advertisers.
Collects anonymous data and monitors whether the user navigates and interacts with the website and services from Instagram Inc. The goal is to target and improve the service.
These cookies provide the website with the opportunity to remember choices you make (e.g. favorites) and help provide improved functions. Architonic places different cookies that are stored until the website is shut down and up to 8 months after that.

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