RECRAFTED – Turning Waste into Wonders

RECRAFTED from HOLMRIS B8 is a collection of upcycled and recycled furniture and pieces made from new, recycled materials.

Our ambition is to create the most environmentally responsible furniture collection. The aim is for all furniture in the series to have the smallest possible carbon footprint during production and throughout its lifespan by reusing materials and furniture and thereby reducing waste.

The series includes:

  • A tabletop made using surplus textiles
  • A conference table frame made using surplus wood from manufacturing
  • A shelving unit with doors made of wood that was once a conference table
  • A chair made of crushed plastic from storage containers
  • A sofa with core material/filling of recycled fibers and textiles
  • Refurbished tabletops from our customers
  • And much more …

With RECRAFTED, we seek to care for nature’s resources while at the same time providing a large selection of quality furniture with a strong story and long lifespan.

Welcome to RECRAFTED from HOLMRIS B8.

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