HOLMRIS B8’s Climate Targets Approved by SBTi

As one of the first brands in the Danish contract furniture market, HOLMRIS B8’s climate targets have now been validated by the independent and most prominent global climate standard for businesses, the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi).

We are engaging actively and ambitiously in combating climate change and meeting the Paris Agreement goals of limiting greenhouse gas emissions and global temperature rise, and are therefore pleased that our realistic and measurable climate targets have received the prestigious SBTi seal of approval.

HOLMRIS B8 has so far aligned with, and gained validation of, both our climate reduction targets. SBTi has approved both our short term and long term reduction goals.

Target 1)
Short term reduction goals

We have pledged to cut our internal emissions in support of the goal of limiting global temperature rise to 1.5 °C.

The target is to reduce our emissions by 50% measured since 2018 in Scopes 1 and 2, but due to the organizational changes we have made (including closure of a manufacturing facility), we have already achieved a 60.8% reduction in Scope 1 emissions and 92.2% in Scope 2 emissions. This adds up to a total emissions reduction of almost 70%.

Target 2)
Long term reduction goals

As of February 2024, we have obtained approval for our Net-Zero climate reduction target. With this, we have committed to reducing our emissions by 90% across our entire supply chain by 2045, regardless of changes in turnover. As a company, we aim to have an ambitious target in line with our ambitious customers; therefore, we have chosen our target year to be 2045 instead of 2050.

How we’re achieving our targets
We’ve launched many initiatives and actions to help us achieve our emissions reductions targets. Read on for examples of what we’ve already accomplished and what we’re currently doing to cut our emissions:

  • Reducing our floor space
    We’ve closed/relocated/consolidated our sites, thereby minimizing our total floorage. Since 2018/19, we’ve shut down Danish sites in Aarhus, Birkerød, Odense, Aalborg and Bjerringbro, and in Q1 2024, will be closing our premises in Vemmelev and consolidating the operations at the other sites. The mergers and closures are organized as business restructuring plans, the aim being to optimize space and inventory efficiency while saving energy to cut emissions.
  • Going green
    We switched to green electricity at all our own premises in April 2021.
    With emissions calculated using the market-based method, this means that we achieved a massive cut in Co22e emissions, while also supporting the installation of new renewable energy sources. (For our specific CO2e emissions values, please refer to our sustainability report). Equally, with project-based upgrades such as replacement of lighting and timers, and site closures, etc. we reduced our power consumption from 108.7 tCO2e in 2021/22 to 40.7 tCO2e in 2022/23, which equates to a 62% reduction.
  • Transition to EVs
    We’re in the process of replacing all our gasoline and diesel cars in our corporate fleet with hybrid or all-electric vehicles.
    This means that as our leasing agreements on current cars expire, and it’s time to choose a new car, electric or hybrid will be the only options. In addition, all leased and purchased cars, vans and lorries will be upgraded to a better energy class. We have set up EV chargers at all our sites, and have an EV at each site for people to use if they don’t have a company car or just want to try out an electric vehicle.
  • Waste separation
    We naturally separate our waste at source at all our sites, and aim for the highest attainable level of reuse and circularity.
    We also take care of all used packaging materials for our customers. That way, we ensure that all waste is recycled efficiently.
    We’ve implemented a circular solution for tabletops offering a take-back option for all tabletops to maintain one big recycling and reuse loop. Here the table tops are being used for our RECRAFTED furniture range. All these initiatives are reducing our waste-related emissions.
  • Logistics scheduling
    With smooth scheduling and efficient logistics, we keep the mileage on filling orders as low as possible. Whenever possible, we coordinate shipments directly from our suppliers to our customers. We make deliveries by van when filling lower-weight orders.

Click the link below to look up HOLMRIS B8 on the Science Based Targets dashboard: