Report Documenting Your Green Initiatives

Since 2015 we have bought up used furniture and fixtures from companies, public institutions and organizations. The aim is to reduce the amount of furniture waste – one of the furniture industry’s biggest challenges – and provide you, our customer, with economically, environmentally and socially responsible handling of the used furniture.

That makes it an important part of our strategic work to meet UN Sustainable Development Goal 12 concerning responsible consumption and production.

Our concept has helped hundreds of companies dispose of the tables, chairs, plants, shelves and racks they no longer use and, in many cases, has prolonged the lifetime of thousands of pieces of furniture.

Here’s what happens to the used furniture we buy:

  • The best furniture we buy is resold on our webshop
  • The furniture we can’t sell is donated to volunteer organizations, clubs and other members of our donation network
  • Furniture that is too worn or damaged to be resold or donated is disassembled, and the parts are sorted and disposed of as prescribed by the authorities

Data on the fate of used furniture
We are the only actor in the industry to offer you an environmental report that is tailor-made for your company. In it, we document, in black and white, what happens to the used furniture after we buy it up from you.

The environmental report gives you detailed documentation of what and how much was donated and/or disposed of sustainably.

The environmental report shows:

  • The quantity and type of used furniture bought up by HOLMRIS B8 for the purpose of resale
  • Record of donations:
    • Number of pieces
    • Types of furniture
    • Donation recipient(s)
    • Which and how many pieces each donation recipient received
  • Waste management of remaining furniture for recycling stated in tons and percentages:
    • Iron and metal
    • Electronic waste
    • Large items for incineration
    • Small items for incineration
    • Mixed demolition waste
    • Waste for sorting
  • Links to press reports about the donation