EU Ecolabel / FSC® / 410kg CO₂e

My Urban

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My Urban Storage is a more exclusive version of the classic Urban Storage.

The furniture is characterized by a spatial storage with sliding doors and drawers. It is available in a wide range of woods and colours and is designed in a high quality with great wear resistance. The wide range of colours for drawer fronts and sliding doors makes My Urban Storage the ideal solution for any office environment.

My Urban Storage inspires creative interior design with colourful storage modules that are both elegant and functional.

The product is a part of Nordic Collection, our series of furniture with climate data.
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Climate data

410kg CO₂e
Climate emission (EU) for cabin 159.4x39x108cm / Color: Black Decor / 6 compartments with 2 sliding doors and 4 shelves / Black handle, diameter: 60 cm / Frame: Metal, black

Compensate for the CO2e-emissions: When you buy furniture through us, you can help plant trees that compensate for the CO2e emissions of furniture production.


FSC® certification: The product can be ordered as FSC-certified. HOLMRIS B8 holds a FSC certification with the license code FSC® C104600.

EU Ecolabel: This product can be ordered in variants certified with the EU Ecolabel.


Cabinet: Decor and veneer
Front: Decor and veneer


Height: 37/73/108 cm
Width: 39 cm
Length: 169/180 cm