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Get results-oriented solutions
with know-how and insight.

Room to live, room to love, room to move. We create solutions that bring people together and invigorate your business.

We specialise in four segments: Office, Learning, Hospitality and Care.


Boost job satisfaction and well-being in the workplace with an interior design that supports the needs of the modern worker. Together we design unique, activity-based interiors that strike the best possible balance between function, aesthetics and comfort.


We believe that spaces, layout and furniture play a key role in the teaching that takes place in a classroom.

Our school environments are therefore carefully designed to accommodate the activities going on in the room. You get solutions and advice that expand the possibilities in the classroom and support learning activities.


Help residents feel at home – and feel comfortable. In partnership with you, we develop inviting, warm, safe and user-friendly spaces, creating the ideal surroundings for your nursing home or hospital.

Creating people-friendly designs from the heart.


We create unique hotel experiences.

Take pampering your guests to a whole new level – far beyond what they are used to. And what they expect. We use our expertise and experience from both Danish and international hotels to create interior designs that put your guests first and bring your design history to life.