Repairs, Refurbishment and Upgrades

We make sure that your company’s furniture is always in good working order and in perfect condition. Our team of specialists repairs, refurbishes and upgrades all types of furniture so you and your colleagues can enjoy your company’s furniture for many years to come.

We give your furniture a new lease on life by:

  • Mounting new desktops on existing frames
  • Mounting existing desktops on new frames
  • Mounting new doors on existing cabinets
  • Reupholstering furniture
  • Painting, varnishing and re-foiling

In addition, we stock a large assortment of spare parts so we can administer first aid to furniture in need and quickly return items to your office furnishings in full working order.

The parts we can replace include:

  • Office chairs: casters, gas lift cylinder, seat adjustment mechanism, seat, back
  • Desks: desktops, frames, control system unit, operating panel, base, legs, motor
  • Storage: handles, doors, drawers, legs, casters, locks
  • Cabinets: handles, doors, drawers, casters, locks
  • Gluing of edging
  • Repair of damaged edges, corners and surfaces

We also offer to upgrade the “technology” in your furniture to make it more up-to-date:

  • Linak app solution + sit/stand memory
  • Flexlock – electronic locking system that eliminates the need for keys
  • Click-it – Flexible and integrated electrical solutions for work stations and conference rooms

Should we repair, refurbish and upgrade your company’s furniture?

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We also offer furniture care and maintenance.