Discarded furniture is a serious climate threat.

This is why we have specialized since 2016 in minimizing the volume of discarded furniture by offering our customers a responsible and well-documented take-back solution. A solution that enables us to extend the life of old furniture through reselling and donations. For instance, together with our customers we have donated more than 100,000 pieces of used furniture to charity.

Our take-back solution enables you to:

  • Take responsibility for the environment and the climate
  • Avoid discarding resources that are still functional
  • Minimize your furniture waste
  • Save on waste disposal costs
  • Extend the life of your furniture
  • Let others benefit from your used furniture

The take-back solution comprises three elements:

  • Resale
    We sell the best of your retired furniture, which is often of high quality or designer brands, as used furniture. Much of the furniture is repaired, refurbished or cleaned before being sold through our web shop.

By reselling used furniture, you protect the environment from superfluous production.

  • Donations
    Furniture that is in good shape but not suitable for reselling is donated for free to cash-strapped associations and charitable organizations through our own donation network. This sharing economy partnership offers schools, associations and charitable organizations surplus furniture free of charge.

With furniture donations, you extend the useful life of your furniture, benefit the new owners and save on waste disposal costs.

  • Environmentally Correct Waste Sorting
    Disposal is a last resort Any furniture that is not suitable for selling or donation is sorted in accordance with the Danish environmental authority regulations, guaranteeing that the used furniture has the least possible impact on the environment.

Environmental Report Provides Full Documentation
We provide you with detailed documentation of where every single piece of furniture we buy back from you ends up.

Everything is compiled in an environmental report, showing you exactly what and how much has been disposed of responsibly through our take-back program.

The environmental report includes:

  • The number and type of used furniture bought back by HOLMRIS B8 with a view to reselling
  • An overview of donations:
    • Number of furniture items
    • Types of furniture
    • Recipient(s)
    • Which items and how many each recipient received
  • Waste handling of remaining furniture for recycling is indicated per ton and by percentage:
    • Iron and metal
    • Electronics waste
    • Large combustibles
    • Small combustibles
    • Mixed construction waste
    • Waste for sorting
  • Links to publicity about your donation in the media

The environmental report is free for you to use in your company’s environmental performance reporting and PR material

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We also offer CO2e consumption of your furniture procurement.