By focusing on the guest experience,
we create lasting impressions.

We can compose the perfect setting for your guests by bringing the design history of your hotel or restaurant to life. Our goal is give you happy customers who come back again and again.

The luxurious design experience. Pamper your guests’ senses
Escaping from daily life to a hotel where comfort and luxury set the perfect tone for a unique experience – this is the essence of self-indulgence for many people.

But we also know that guests have high demands and competition is keen. We therefore set the bar high when we work with you to develop value-adding design experiences that make a deep impression and result in loyal and returning hotel guests.


The guest experience and the value you want to give your guests are at the core of our collaboration. We inspire, challenge and introduce the latest trends, while staying attuned to your wishes and needs. Through a well-defined concept, we bring your values to life and create a narrative that stimulates all the senses.


Our knowledge and experience from Danish and international hotels give you an edge that will both thrill your guests and leave them with lasting impressions. Whether you are building a new motel or conducting extensive renovations on a luxury hotel, our many years of experience, global mindset and innovative daring ensure an exceptional result.

Customized design experiences
One of our strengths is our ability to tell your hotel’s design story through customized furniture and décor, which we produce at our own factory in Silkeborg, Central Denmark. For more than 20 years, we have produced made-to-order furniture and fittings with a focus on quality in both product and process – from measurement to delivery.

Uncompromising process
We love design. But we love it even more when design and price meet. And that is what we do – by making our knowledge, expertise, production facilities and supplier agreements available to you, we help you give your guests experiences that thrill the senses – regardless of the size of your budget.

Furthermore, we guarantee a process that gives you the desired solution with the lowest possible consumption of internal resources and the highest possible degree of control. With on-time delivery to boot.

Delicious cuisine deserves the perfect setting
We are also experts at creating spaces for culinary experiences. On both a small and a large scale. When designing the interiors for a restaurant, the guest is once again in focus, and we establish a connecting thread that ties everything together, from décor, acoustics, lighting, flooring, and scents to chair comfort and the distance between tables – all the way down to the weave in the cloth napkin in your guest’s lap. Nothing is left to chance.

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