Digital Space Management

Make the most of the spaces in your company’s buildings and facilities, boost employee satisfaction and improve performance with valid and precise data on how your company’s floor space is used.

Many companies feel challenged when it comes to optimizing their floor space, and often the existing interior layout is not conducive to how people actually work. We can help you with analysis and documentation, enabling optimization based on detailed insights.

Our goal is to provide you and your colleagues with a strategically planned interior design to:

  • Optimize use of your entire floor space
  • Underpin your employees’ processes and activities
  • Optimize workflows
  • Boost employee satisfaction
  • Improve employee performance
  • Boost your company’s chances of success in all areas

From Vague Idea to Facts
With the help of sensor technology, we map and document:

  • Behavior
  • Movement patterns
  • User experience of air quality, temperature and indoor climate

We target both under-utilized and over-utilized areas, and not least perceived satisfaction with the physical surroundings This gives you well-documented facts instead of subjective notions.

How it works:

  • Based on your wishes, we set up heat sensors on furniture and in spaces.
  • You can follow real-life behavioral data via an intuitive dashboard.
  • At the end of the measurement period, we present a full report on the data and findings, which provides a solid foundation for guidance on the best combination of furniture, a new layout, adjustments and optimizations.

For data collection and analysis, we utilize the tried-and-tested Workplace Management System, COBUNDO, developed by Spacewell. As one of the best systems on the market, its solutions have been implemented all over the world, resulting in significant improvements for customers in a wide range of sectors.

Certified Partner for Your Peace of Mind
HOLMRIS B8 is a Spacewell certified partner with our own operations and service organization that conducts workshops, develops use cases and gives presentations. This is also your guarantee of complete satisfaction with the implementation process and after-sales service.

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