Cable Management

Ensuring that all cables and wires in the office are nicely bundled and hidden away keeps your office space looking tidy and more presentable. It also minimizes the risk of accidents and makes cleaning easier.

We manage your cables for you.

Ensuring that your height-adjustable desk is fully functional. That your computer screen is properly connected. That your desk lamp – and all the other electrical amenities an office environment requires – are working. We can help when moving into new facilities, moving to a new work station and installing new furniture. And we ensure that all cables and wires are organized, bundled and hidden away for a clean and tidy look.

What we offer:

  • Cabling of new and existing work stations
  • Configuration and cabling of desks and conference tables in connection with delivery
  • Configuration and cabling of existing conference tables
  • Reorganization and cabling of existing desks and conference tables
  • Handling of cabling tasks in connection with internal/external moves

Do you want us to organize all cables and wires?

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We can also give all furniture an overhaul service.