Project Management

Benefit from our many years of expertise in management of large-scale projects when we assign one of our expert project managers, along with our vast network of specialists, to lead your company’s project across the finish line. Efficiently and on time.

With end-to-end management and prompt action, we plan, coordinate and direct all stages, resources and partners, for a smooth, seamless process. From the preliminary stages with developers and architects to execution of deliverable and relocation projects, refurbishment, recirculation of existing furniture, and service on the final interior design upon handover of the project.

One Point of Contact
No matter how big or complex your project is, the project manager’s primary responsibility is to gather all the loose ends and serve as your One Point of Contact for the project. This means you don’t have to communicate and coordinate with a bunch of different providers. You simply contact us.

Management of deliverable, relocation, clearance, refurbishment or maintenance projects entails that the project manager, among other things:

  • Establishes communication platforms for liaising with staff, heads of department, IT department, external providers, etc.
  • Facilitates start-up meeting and regular status meetings with key employees, department heads, IT department and project owner when relevant
  • Reviews project material and prepares time schedules and a prioritized plan
  • Plans and coordinates resources for the different tasks and sub-projects
  • Coordinates with various providers and incorporates other activities in the overall time schedule
  • Reviews locations, time schedules and interior design plans
  • Handles special needs – such as 24/7 Call Center or confidential material
  • Ensures timely and relevant communication to all involved in the project
  • Plans in detail the deliverable, removal and clearance process
  • Conducts on-site inspections and quality assurance
  • Provides continuous follow-up, inspections and evaluations
  • Submits regular reports and handles changes to time schedule and prioritized plan
  • Conducts project handover

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