Delivery and Assembly

Let our experienced team of logistics experts and specially trained installation technicians deliver and assemble your new furniture. We ensure that your furniture arrives at the agreed time and location and that you and your colleagues can use your furniture from day 1.

This frees you from having to deal with external shipping companies, specialized tools and thick manuals before you can start using your furniture. We take care of everything. Giving you peace of mind and guaranteeing timely delivery of furniture that is ready to use.

Smooth Delivery at the Right Time and Place
The experienced team in our in-house logistics department guarantees you always receive the correct order on time. And at the right location. We coordinate orders from multiple suppliers, pick up any loose ends and guarantee complete and smooth delivery.

From here, our specially trained installation technicians take over, to assemble and install everything correctly. They can also help with special equipment, fittings and decor, so everything is fully assembled and installed. And of course, they take all the packaging back with them, make sure everything is clean and tidy, and that all your furniture is ready for use.

Avoid Damage with Protective Covering
To care for the floors, walls, stairs and elevators of your company’s premises, we also offer protective covering. This ensures that delivery, assembly and moving of furniture does not leave marks or cause other damage to the building.

Do you want us to deliver and assemble your furniture?

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We also offer cable management.