The circular economy is the future. And our present …

With our sustainable recycling service, you can safeguard the environment and take responsibility without compromising on quality, design and comfort.

Together, we protect the environment and our common future.

With our environmental policy and sustainable mindset, we consider everything a resource. A resource that is part of a larger system and something we need to take care of.

We can therefore ensure that your used furniture is recycled in an environmentally and socially sustainable way so it benefits others – either through reselling or as donations, for instance to volunteer organisations, sports associations and institutions.

Social responsibility through recycling
Since 2015, HOLMRIS B8 Circular, has specialised in recycling used quality office furniture in a sustainable manner. This dedicated team uses its experience and knowhow to give your company’s used furniture new life while minimising the environmental impact.

How we work:
We coordinate pick-up of your used furniture to coincide with delivery of the new furniture, to minimise any negative impact on your staff. We then divide the used furniture into one of three categories:

  • Resale
  • Donation
  • Environmentally sustainable disposal

We sell the best furniture, often of high quality or designer brands, as used furniture. The furniture is repaired, refurbished or cleaned as needed before reselling it as office furniture.

When you resell your used furniture, you protect the environment from superfluous production.

Furniture that is in good shape but not suitable for reselling is donated for free to cash-strapped associations and charitable organisations through our own Donation Network.

The Donation Network is a sharing economy partnership which offers schools, associations and charitable organisations surplus furniture free of charge. Around 700 organisations have joined the Donation Network. And since 2015, we have donated more than 50,000 pieces of furniture.

Furniture donation benefits the environment, because it extends the lifetime of resources that have already been produced – while creating value for the new owners.

Environmentally sustainable disposal
Disposal is a last resort. We always try to refurbish or donate the furniture first.

However, if that is not possible, we sort the waste according to applicable Danish environmental regulations, minimising the environmental impact of the old furniture as much as possible.

We transform the problem of your used furniture into a positive solution that:

    • Boosts your company’s CSR position
    • Provides content for a potential branding story in the press
    • Benefits the environment


Documentation for your CSR branding

You gain full insight into our processes, as we document the journey of all used furniture in black and white in the form of an environmental report.

For every project, we draw up an environmental report detailing:

  • The furniture that was donated
  • The recipient of the donated furniture
  • How much (if any) was disposed of
  • Links to publicity about the donation in the media

The environmental report increases the transparency of our processes. At the same time, it proves to the world that you take circular economic responsibility seriously and make sustainable decisions.