Danish Crown

Responsible Vision Becomes Stylish Interiors Embracing Company’s Essence

Leading food production company Danish Crown has an ambitious goal: to create a sustainable future for foods and be a global source of inspiration for how foods can make a difference.

Good “ingredients” and sustainability were therefore high on the agenda when the company built its new headquarters in western Denmark.

The building itself has earned DGNB Gold sustainability certification, but the company did not stop there. The interiors are also designed with a view to responsible consumption, including high-quality, long-lasting furniture made of fine materials and the reuse of hundreds of office chairs.

The Essence of Danish Crown
In addition to a range of services associated with relocation and interior design, HOLMRIS B8 supplied 470 work stations, a canteen for 280 employees and various custom design solutions, as well as furnishings for conference rooms, a lounge and the reception area.

PLH are the architects behind the design concept for the canteen, executive suite,  conference rooms and gangways, while CEBRA designed the building and reception area.

The result is a beautifully planned, contemporary head office that is true to Danish Crown’s identity down to the smallest detail. The colors, for instance, have been kept in a warm burgundy, as an elegant reference to the company’s meat production, combined with green hues that serve as a bridge to the surrounding nature.

Danish Crown Products
In addition to the usual office facilities, employees and guests can visit an in-house shop that sells many of the food manufacturer’s own products as well as a Master Chef-style show kitchen that is used for events and to provide food inspiration for consumers the world over.

The source of much of the food produced by Danish Crown has been given a prominent role in many of the imaginative design solutions. The leather used comes from Danish Crown’s subsidiary, Scan-Hide, and can be traced back to the very field where the cow grazed.

The beautiful leather is a perfect match for the pale Nordic color scheme and contributes to the overall vision of sustainability, as Scan-Hide utilizes a special chrome-free technique to make the leather biodegradable.

Scan-Hide supplied all the leather used in the decor and one of the many things HOLMRIS B8 assisted with was the production of leather-upholstered benches for the canteen. In the reception area, guests are welcomed by a custom-made desk clad in beautiful cognac-colored leather – and the robust hides serve as flooring in several conference rooms and exclusive wall coverings in the three executive offices.