Turnkey Solution for Netcompany’s New Headquarters

With more than 1,600 employees at three locations, Netcompany needed a smooth relocation orchestrated by means of strong project management when the digital transformation consulting firm wanted to gather all of its Copenhagen staff in one new, state-of-the-art office in the heart of Denmark’s capital city.

HOLMRIS B8 provided relocation services in collaboration with First Mover Group, as well as project management and procurement of new furniture, production of customized furnishings and upcycling of existing furniture – working closely with Netcompany and architect Tine Mouritzen from global real estate management firm Colliers.

To keep downtime to a minimum for Netcompany’s many employees, HOLMRIS B8 coordinated a smooth relocation process over ten days, making prime use of the many bank holidays Denmark has in the spring.


  • Relocated all workstations from the three old offices to the new premises
  • Supplied and installed new furniture
  • Fitted existing height-adjustable desks with new tops to match the new interiors

All of this was achieved by means of a three-shift system of skilled installation technicians, ensuring that the new headquarters were fully set up and ready for use by the agreed deadline.

Four months previously, HOLMRIS B8 had begun reupholstering the 1,000 office chairs so they were ready for reuse at the new location. The chairs were collected in batches of 50 and returned as they were completed so as to cause as little disruption to daily operations as possible. Watch this video to see how we did it.

Farah Zamzam, Head of Facility Management & Workspaces at Netcompany, says about the collaboration:

“HOLMRIS B8 provided attentive, professional and excellent service from idea to mock-up, from fine-tuning to execution. We now have the most beautiful headquarters in Denmark, thanks in no small part to HOLMRIS B8.”

Room for Work and Play
In addition to improving conditions for the company’s growth in a central location, the new headquarters also provide the framework for the flexible approach Netcompany has to work.

André Rogaczewski, co-founder and CEO of Netcompany, says in an article on the company’s own website (in Danish):

“The new premises are a reflection of our DNA and allow us to create unique environments with room to sit with your project team and bring your ideas to life. At the same time, one of our key priorities was to provide room for social activities and events. At Netcompany, we have a unique work atmosphere, and I don’t think there is anywhere else in the IT sector that prioritizes social life higher than us.”

Tine Mouritsen, Director and Head of Workplace & Project Advisory at Colliers, designed the new interiors, which include flexible work zones with room for informal meetings and buzz sessions as well as a stylish bar where staff can hang out on a Friday. The bar is part of the customized furnishings supplied by HOLMRIS B8. Other customizations include alcoves, meeting booths, a reception desk and paneling, plus elegant crescent-shaped coffee stations in oxidized brass built at HOLMRIS B8’s own workshop.