Get Climate Footprint Data for Your Furniture

How much CO2e was released in the production of your new desk?

Now you can find out. We are among the first in the industry to measure carbon emissions of the furniture we manufacture. And we hope others will follow our lead. Because we are first and foremost furniture dealers – not manufacturers. We are but one link in a strong chain, where everyone must adopt CO2e measurement to give you, our customer, CO2e data on the furniture you buy.

We use a tool from the Danish company MÅLBAR to calculate the furniture’s precise carbon emissions.

The first piece we have data on is the VIPER chair. It carries the EU Ecolabel, is made from 100% recycled plastic and releases 27.6 kg of CO2e. By comparison, that is the same amount of CO2e released by driving 128 km in the average car, eating 780 grams of red meat, or drinking 81 large lattes.

CO2e data makes the choice easier—and the furniture comparable.
With data on the furniture’s carbon footprint, you are better equipped to compare furniture and prioritize low-emission furniture. And you get valuable knowledge about how much compensation is required, for instance through tree-planting, to offset the carbon footprint of your purchase.

Want to learn more about how to offset your carbon footprint by buying trees through HOLMRIS B8?