Future Fit report: Is your workplace fit for the future?

How do you work with the future? And what do you think work in the future will be like? In our Future Fit Report, we present topics and findings that can help you navigate the process of creating future fit workplaces.

The report follows up on Trends & Traditions 2024, where we as a part of our HOLMRIS B8 stand had questions and live polls focusing on the future of work. In the report, we provide you with a series of global and national insights that we feel should be considered when creating a future fit workplace in 2024.

Below, we sum up our five main findings. If you want to dig deeper, here is the full report

1) The workplace has turned into a ghost town
Post lockdown, many workplaces suffer from the so-called ‘empty desk syndrome’. We do not see employees returning to the workplace by themselves any day soon. Instead, companies need to adjust to a hybrid future and figure out whether to turn to either stick or carrot in the pursuit of increasing office attendance.

Explore our findings around both approaches and what we believe companies should focus on to create vibrant workplaces.

2) Work is a part of the individual lifestyle
Work is changing and becoming an intrinsic part of the personal lifestyle. This has created a scenario where workstyles are multiplying and increasingly reflecting our personal preferences over the rhythm of the organization. As a response to this, organizations need to focus on detecting patterns in employees’ needs and wishes.

As a starting point, the report focuses on what employees believe makes the workplace worth the commute – and what works better at home.

3) The fine lines between virtual and physical space are blurring even further
Chat GPT, Metaverse, and the app you are using to book a lunch spot in your canteen are all examples of how the virtual and physical workplace is merging even further. Understanding, planning, and designing a coherent workplace experience across platforms entails that stakeholders across the organizations are collaborating and co-creating.

Seeing this topic through the lens of talent shortage, the report illustrates how the physical workplace relates to the online presence and purpose of companies.

4) The workplace will have six generations in the future
We are getting older, and we need to retire later. Therefore, we are approaching a scenario of up to six generations in the workplace at once. It is therefore highly important to understand what generational needs, wishes – and clashes take place in the workplace – and take them into account in the design solutions.

In the report, we explore findings related to the primary generations in the workplace and point toward a future fit understanding of generations.

5) We need to move from big projects to ongoing adjustments
The future fit workplace creates room for improvement. As changes are taking place at an increasingly rapid pace, we need to have an ongoing dialogue between the various stakeholders and aspects of the workplace.

Explore how we see this dialogue take place both now and in the future.

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