HOLMRIS B8 again reports robust corporate performance

HOLMRIS B8 again reports robust corporate performance for the period May 1, 2022 to April 30, 2023.


The company shows annual revenue of DKK 1,122 million, which is in line with the previous year, and again, represents one of the best years on record for HOLMRIS B8 measured by revenue.


Our strategic focus as a sales and design company has been further validated and proved its value. HOLMRIS B8 is reporting operating profit measured by EBITDA of DKK 106 million, which is in line with the previous year. This equates to an EBITDA margin of just under 10%, and the company is therefore sustaining its forecasted high nominal EBITDA despite investment in new strategic focus areas which will not actually boost revenue for a few years yet.


High activity level

Management is very pleased with the company’s performance, which is based on a high level of activity in all of HOLMRIS B8’s target segments. The activity level reflects the company’s strong position as a market leader in Denmark in the furnishing of offices, hotels, restaurants and educational institutions.


The high level of activity across the business means that HOLMRIS B8 is seeking high performers for its sales organization to support our continued growth.


Focus on corporate responsibility

In the past year, HOLMRIS B8 launched several programs, including RECRAFTED, an innovative furniture collection consisting of designs that are either recirculated, upcycled or crafted from recycled materials.


The aim has been to create the most environmentally responsible standard range of furniture through reuse and waste reduction so that the products have the smallest possible carbon footprint over their entire lifespan.


We are seeing great interest from the market in our RECRAFTED collection and our circular business line in general, which will continue in future as a strategic commitment.


Stable growth in a competitive, changeable market

Competition in the market for office furnishings and interior design is increasing all the time, in both the private and public sector. The intensified focus in recent years on employee well-being and occupational health in both sectors is attracting new players to the market. We are therefore very pleased by HOLMRIS B8’s success in achieving growth exceeding the general market rate and in enlarging its client portfolio.


Beyond its domestic market, the Group also achieved high-level activity through its subsidiary in the Netherlands, while the associated company in Norway, HOLMRIS FormFunk, performed well over the fiscal year. The subsidiary in the Netherlands represents the Group’s pan-European hospitality business, while the Norwegian company mainly serves corporate clients in the Norwegian capital, Oslo. In addition to Norway and Benelux, investment is being made in markets close to Denmark, namely in Sweden and the DACH region.