Energinet rents furniture for home offices

Energinet does its best to ensure that its 1,380 employees can work as flexibly and efficiently as possible. Anytime, and anywhere. One of their initiatives is to offer all employees IT equipment and furniture for their home offices – furniture they rent from HOLMRIS B8.

For the first time, in January 2021, employees were given the option to log onto an online portal and order one of three different height-adjustable desks, a chair and a lamp, all to be delivered directly to their home and installed by a HOLMRIS B8 fitter. Now, only weeks after the offer was announced, 734 desks, 806 chairs and around 600 lamps have already been ordered.

Furniture with a documentable sustainable profile
Apart from ensuring that home offices have proper conditions and meet health and safety requirements, it was important to Energinet for the selected materials and furniture to be as eco-friendly as possible.

Tina Sørensen, team leader with Facility Service at Energinet, says:

“We made the environmental aspect a top priority in our requirements specification for the furniture. It was important to us that the furniture was environmentally certified, with a documentable sustainable profile.”

For these reasons, they chose HOLMRIS B8’s Q20 desk with an FSC-certified desktop, two different FSC-certified Sola chairs upholstered with EU Ecolabel-certified textile from Gabriel, and the Unilux Success 66 desk lamp.

To compensate for the furniture’s carbon footprint, HOLMRIS B8 will plant five trees for each workstation Energinet rents for their staff. The five trees will be planted in a new community forest, and in 30 years they will have neutralized the amount of CO2 emitted during manufacture of one workstation.

Left image: Tina Sørensen, groupleader of Facility Service at Energinet. Right image: Foto: Energinet.

Rental agreements provide flexibility
Energinet has chosen to rent the furniture for their staff’s home offices instead of purchasing it.

Tina Sørensen explains:

“Renting the furniture makes the agreement much more flexible for us. We don’t need to worry about storage of the furniture or the extra resources we would need to handle it. We welcome 100 new colleagues every year, and with the natural staff turnover in a workplace, this type of agreement makes things much easier for us.”

Energinet believes that the home office is here to stay, and it may actually help attract qualified employees who live far from Energinet’s headquarters in Fredericia.

With this offer of approved home office furniture and the company’s own online physiotherapy team, which staff can sign up to use to help relieve tightness in shoulders and to properly adjust desks and chairs, Energinet is well prepared for tomorrow’s working methods.