168kg CO₂e / Design: Mads Odgård


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Sola is a task chair designed by Mads Odgård. The simple and pure design makes it easy to fit into modern office environments. The Sola chair has synchro tilt mechanism, which makes it work like a “rocking chair”.

The benefits of this principle is that you use your feet to set the chair in motion and this gets ones blood circulation going. Sola has a “sister”, Sola Dynamic.

Design wise, the chairs are identical, but Sola Dynamic works with another sitting principle, free float mechanism. You can choose task chairs with identical design, but with sitting principle to fit each employee.

The product is a part of Nordic Collection, our series of furniture with climate data.
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168kg CO₂e
Climate emission (EU) for Sola chair / Model: 210 medium back right / Textile: Select / Color: 60999, black / Footrest: Black / Gaslift: 45-58 cm / Wheels: Soft tracks

Compensate for the CO2e-emissions: When you buy furniture through us, you can help plant trees that compensate for the CO2e emissions of furniture production.



Models: 110, 210 and 310

Upholstery: 5 fabric groups

Footrest: Black plastic or polished aluminium

Wheels: Hard or soft tracks

Features: Synchronous tilting, weight adjustment and seat displacement