CPH Highline

CPH Highline

Delivery of furniture and bespoke solutions for CPH Highline, a building with a modern expression and a creative atmosphere designed by Holscher Nordberg Architects.

CPH Highline is an office building inspired by New York’s popular High Line, which winds between Manhattan’s skyscrapers and offers attractive outdoor spaces for New Yorkers. The roof surface is used to create a green path that connects the various terraces and outdoor spaces at different levels. Along the path, tables and benches create social gathering points and meeting places, from which the view of Copenhagen’s inner city and inner harbor can be enjoyed.

Holscher Nordberg Architects: Architects

Skanska: Construction of the building

Aviva Investors Real Estate: Represented in Denmark by Capital Investment, which manages the building

HOLMRIS B8: Delivery of furniture for common areas: reception, café, canteen, lounge, seating niches, outdoor furniture, and greenhouse with meeting room.