Take a seat

Sometimes you just need to sit softly. Not only at home but also when you are at work, at school, or are waiting to get the key to your hotel room.

The body needs variety. Mentally, a change of scenery works like a gear change, and a soft feature in the decor is both functional and cosy.

That is why we have dedicated this post to soft seating and handpicked various furniture and lounge series, that offer your body, your head, and not least your interior a tactile and comfortable breathing space.

Make yourself comfortable and be inspired.

Create an intimate and informal diner atmosphere
Soft seating furniture can easily be included in the canteen or other places where it is obvious to enjoy food.

With the sofa modules in the Diner series, you can create comfortable environments that bring the American diner booths into mind. Hence the name.

You can create simple and individual seats and comfortable sofas with back and wall panels. Play with fabric, design, buttons, stitching and colors to create variation and tactile experiences.

See how Diner is used in different ways:

The chameleon of furniture
Depending on how you choose to combine the modules, you can both create cosy lounge environments in the reception or in the office landscape. And with the high-backed version, you can put together small spaces in the room that function as informal ‘meeting rooms’ or focus zones where employees can work or talk semi-undisturbed.

We also offer Tweet in our Recrafted Collection. Here, Tweet’s acoustic screens are made of waste from the carpet industry and upholstery is made from post-consumer plastic.

Sit in a marshmallow
Maybe we are a bit biased, but Mallow from Labofa is so beautiful.

Mallow was designed by Swedish Note Design Studio, who wanted to create a lounge chair that invites you to sit in it in different positions.

The first sketches for the sculptural chair were drawn on a napkin and the lines have afterwards become a series with both a 2- and 3-person sofa, a large and a small lounge chair and a pouf.

For the expression, we wanted the pieces to be playful, expressive and have a distinctive silhouette.
– Note Design Studio

Organic. Curvy. Unconventional.
If you want to take the mood and experience of the room in a different direction, you should take a look at Swing.

As the name suggests, the furniture series gives you opportunities to create creative environments that either wind through the space or form circles where colleagues can hold small meetings, share knowledge or simply socialize over a cup of coffee.

Swing consists of sofa, bench, pouf, and table modules. See how Novozymes uses Swing in their atrium.