Export and Investment Fund of Denmark

Impressive head office with built-in flexibility

The new Export and Investment Fund of Denmark (EIFO) uniting three government funds – Denmark’s Export Credit Agency (EKF), the Danish Growth Fund, and the Danish Green Investment Fund – has co-located a total of 450 employees in expansive new waterfront premises in Copenhagen’s Nordhavn district.

To create a physical environment to house and facilitate a new organization-wide work culture, the interior design and spatial planning of the new premises are based on users’ needs. KHR Architecture is the firm behind EIFO’s new head office, while HOLMRIS B8 supplied all furniture, drapery, and carpets in line with the architect’s design concept and EIFO’s wishes. In addition, HOLMRIS B8 oversaw the installation and set up of all workstations after the move.

Bright, flexible surroundings
EIFO’s 10,000 square meters of workstations, offices and meeting zones occupy four stories in the impressive Orienthuset building in Copenhagen’s Nordhavn waterfront district.

The focus of the sustainability-centered design concept has been on flexibility and creating opportunities to meet and collaborate in different ways that don’t necessarily involve the classic conference room, while providing opportunities to retreat to quiet spaces when concentration is needed or to hold virtual meetings without disturbing colleagues.

The style is bright with warm, natural materials like wood and leather as well as soft carpets and fabrics paired with quality Nordic design furniture. All workstations are furnished with HÅG desk chairs and Q2ON desks along with shelving units from HOLMRIS B8. Meanwhile, anyone in need of more flexibility in their workday can sit at one of the high tables in chairs from Magnus Olesen or in zones featuring high-backed sofas from Muuto.

Custom-designed mobile planters, soft carpets, DIVIDER shelving units from HOLMRIS B8, and floor-length curtains all help to divide spaces, completing the look while emphasizing flexibility and the welcoming atmosphere of the new premises.

EIFO moved into their new head office in Orienthuset in autumn 2023.