A shortcut to a calmer classroom

Are there times when students have a hard time concentrating because a lot is going on in class? Do you need to shield your students from both visual and auditory noise? We have an idea for a solution.

Alfred loves his felt screen. It has actually become one of his most important work tools.

The table screen hangs in the classroom, and when the class meets on the big staircase, the students use the felt screen to sit on. Alfred can easily sit with two friends on one screen.

In the classroom, the screen continuously changes function from being an alternative to a chair to a table screen for concentration.

There can be a lot of distractions in Alfred’s class, but with the felt screen, Alfred is able to create his own space where he can cancel out any visual noise and focus on his school work.

Alfred does not need the screen every day. Sometimes his teacher will place it in front of him if he is having a hard time focusing, while on other days, Alfred does not feel the need for the screen.

If you want to give your students the same opportunity as Alfred to create their own space in the classroom, you will only need 6-8 screens.

With these screens in one classroom you have many options:

  • Shield students from visual and auditory noise
  • Achieve better acoustics since the screen have a sound cancelling effect
  • Give yourself and other teachers a tool that you can actively use when you experience that students need peace and quiet
  • Provide students with the opportunity to create their own space within the classroom
  • Use the screens as seating mats for the whole class to incorporate the classroom floor and the hallways as teaching spaces