UNITY Hammarby Sjösted

New Co-Working Space Unites Industrial Architecture with Contemporary Design

In Stockholm’s Hammarby Sjöstad, a former industrial district in the Swedish capital’s inner city, the disused turbine hall has been transformed into the UNITY Hammarby Sjöstad co-working space, where the rugged dockland environs and industrial lines are offset by contemporary design, natural materials and high-end furniture.

The design concept for the new co-working space was created by Tom Dixon’s Design Research Studio. In collaboration with the Danish practice Designcraft and client Aberdeen, HOLMRIS B8 led the project design, budget, planning, coordination and implementation of the project and was the turnkey supplier of all the loose furnishings and fittings for office spaces, conference rooms, studio apartments plus the large barception area welcoming all guests.

Co-working in Attractive Surroundings
With no fewer than 140 studio apartments, 150 workspaces, private offices and a restaurant, fitness center and large barception area, the Swedish capital’s freelancers, businesses and on-the-go employees benefit from a flexible residential and professional environment with every amenity on the premises. Equally, the co-working space fittings are intended to be sufficiently flexible to allow them to be re-sited so as to accommodate large-scale events.

Beneath the 18-meter ceiling in the large turbine halls, the mirroring, molecular Tom Dixon lighting creates ambience and contrast with the industrial look, while all the co-work spaces are fitted out with HOLMRIS B8’s own S60 work desks along with chairs from Labofa’s Heritage Collection. In the conference rooms, HOLMRIS B8’s round Cabale tables and chairs from the Heritage Collection provide a stylish setting for meetings.

For more private conversations, the pod from Framery offers seclusion from the open-plan spaces. Finally, for the studio apartments, HOLMRIS B8 supplied a bespoke sofa bed originating from an earlier Tom Dixon design.

The new UNITY Hammarby Sjöstad co-working space opened in November 2021. This is the first of a total of seven UNITY co-working spaces opening in the coming years in urban locations like Helsinki, Finland Malmö, Sweden and Denmark’s second largest city Aarhus, to which HOLMRIS B8 will also be supplying furniture and fittings.