Poul Schmith/Kammeradvokaten

Smart Project Management for Smooth Corporate Relocation

Nestled between Copenhagen’s thriving city life and beautiful canals, Poul Schmith/Kammeradvokaten has transformed a former freight terminal into a modern, innovative office building. Employees from five different addresses are now gathered under one roof at the new headquarters designed to promote knowledge sharing with semi-open plan offices, lounge areas, informal meeting facilities and mini-libraries.

While the renovations and interior design were in the hands of Vilhelm Lauritsen Arkitekter and Laika Rumdesign, respectively, HOLMRIS B8 contributed process consulting, project management and coordination of the large-scale move from five locations to one.

Poul Schmith/Kammeradvokaten’s specific brief was for HOLMRIS B8, as One Point of Contact, to facilitate a fast and seamless transition from five premises to one, ensuring that staff would experience no disruptions from day one.

At the same time, the focus was on value for money in a single package to ease the process. This freed up Poul Schmith/Kammeradvokaten’s own project managers to concentrate on their core tasks.

Process Required Comprehensive Overview

Vacating and moving 17,000 square meters of offices from five different locations and reinstalling everything in a single corporate headquarters with a total area of 22,000 square meters requires detailed coordination and the ability to see the big picture.

This made HOLMRIS B8’s flexibility and network of experts and specialists crucial for a project which at its peak was served by 80 employees and 10 subcontractors.

With full oversight and assured supervision, HOLMRIS B8 also coordinated the project by scaling its moving teams and expertise to ensure timely fulfillment.

The result was an agile process where both parties touched base regularly to accomplish their joint mission of a smooth move.

HOLMRIS B8’s services included:

  • Devising a well-structured schedule and attending internal meetings to ensure that unforeseen challenges and issues could be dealt with seamlessly.
  • Touching base with Poul Schmith/Kammeradvokaten’s own project managers.
  • Serving as their daily go-to people in a large-scale relocation process.
  • Coordinating the work of vacating furniture and office inventory from five locations in Copenhagen, and packing and moving this inventory in collaboration with a number of specialized moving companies.
  • Handling large volumes of case materials, as well as a range of lithographs and artwork.
  • Installation of furniture and readying of workstations, including IT equipment setup and cabling.
  • Donation of Poul Schmith/Kammeradvokaten’s surplus furniture and equipment through HOLMRIS B8’s extensive donation network.