New Furniture Series for the Office of Today

Where, when, and how we work has changed a lot in recent years.

Today, a desk is no longer the most important tool you need for getting your work done – your laptop is. This means we both can and do work anywhere and everywhere.

A need for smaller meeting spaces
According to Gensler Research Institute’s most recent Global Workplace Survey 2023,* the office has gone from a place that satisfies our social needs to a place we go to do the work that requires the help of colleagues or specific tools.

How employees spend time in their office
Gensler Research Institute, Global Workplace Survey Comparison (2023)

As a result, 86% of our meetings have between 1 and 4 participants** – a trend that requires more but smaller meeting spaces.

A need to focus
Next after working with colleagues, we spend our time working independently (35% of the time spent at the office). Another survey, conducted in the US by Leesman,*** shows that 73% of this independent work requires deep focus. A prerequisite that many workplaces today have not successfully incorporated into their office layouts.

Me time or meeting time
In other words: In order to get work done at the office, employees need surroundings that offer opportunities for independent concentration and for meeting with one or two-three other colleagues, including both in-person and hybrid options. This finding is also supported by a Steelcase**** study which indicates these three aspects are the most highly valued by workers.

Employee value in the office
Steelcase, The New Era of Hybrid Work (2022)

These trends and research findings have served as inspiration for the design of our Neighborhood series.

Welcome to the neighborhood
Neighborhood pods come in various sizes to provide space for both individuals and community, just like your own neighborhood.

“Neighborhood is a range of carefully crafted and flexible experience spaces, inspired by Nordic architecture and built with responsible materials.”

With very little space, this pod series enables you to create flexible office surroundings to accommodate employees’ needs for focus, hybrid meetings, smaller in-person meetings, and, of course, socializing. All without having to knock holes in walls or expand your offices.

The Neighborhood series comprises:


Single pod for privacy, confidentiality, focus, and online meetings.


Double-quadruple pod for meetings, confidentiality, focus, and online meetings.


Myhood, Ourhood, and in-between spaces combined to create thriving communities for collaboration and focus.

The design can be varied in countless ways and can be customized with drapery, upholstery, bookcases, furniture, and lighting.

How to Create a Neighborhood in Your Office
This pod series is designed for flexibility to meet a wide range of needs.

The individual types of pods can stand alone, be grouped in clusters to create open-plan workplaces, and easily rearranged when needs change.

Below are some examples of ways Neighborhood pods can be integrated into an office setting:

Neighborhood integrated in office layouts

Benefits Future Generations Too
About this series designed and manufactured by HOLMRIS B8, in-house designer Anett Brøgger says:

”We set out to design pods that relate to and integrate with the surrounding architecture rather than with the furnishings. This gives the pods a lasting aesthetic.”

If the upholstered parts become worn, they are easy to replace, while the pod itself can remain standing. The pod is also easy to move to a different part of the building when needed.

*Global Workplace Survey Comparison 2023, Gensler Research Institute.
**Data from occupancy studies conducted by Danfoss.
***The Workplace Reset 2023, Leesman.
****The New Era of Hybrid Work, Steelcase.