How to design workplaces for the next generations

What will the workplace for future generations look like? One of our partners, Aces of Space, creators of brand experiences through design, gives us their take on this challenge.

Ever heard the phrase: ‘It all starts somewhere?’ Our newest project, Home of the Now, is that place. Maybe you’ll start a career here. Maybe you’ll meet the talent that will transform your business. Maybe you’ll come up with new ideas over a cup of coffee or lunch or meet that new person while dancing. Whatever it is, the Home of the Now is here for it.

It is a place where multiple operations are facilitated under one roof and by doing this, we believe you can:

  • Maximise interactions (between co-workers and visitors)
  • Foster collaboration and innovation (learn by watching and doing)
  • Melding work and life together to promote a sense of community, belonging etc.

Community-driven workspace
You may have heard of Apple Park, Apple’s Corporate HQ? Apple has built a range of facilities, including restaurants/cafes, a wellness centre and an auditorium. There are even more than 1,000 bikes available sustainable transport.

Many brands are following in their footsteps, because workspaces which promote a sense of community are becoming more important. Especially in a world where Millennials (born between 1980-2000) and Gen Zs (born after 1994) will make up more and more of the working class.

This horizontal multi-building or multi-spacing is based on the idea that future employees seek a work/life integration predicated on the ability to seamlessly move between the different spheres of their lives, like an open micro community within a city.

For a design agency like Ace of Spaces, multi-spacing or horizontal multi-building brings multiple possibilities in treating the spaces different than we did in the past. Besides the flexibility in function and spacing, we are adding community driven features into the space.

The Home of the Now
For the Home of the Now, we designed a collection of interconnected spaces. A Bohemian Lounge and Bar where people can relax, grab a coffee, hold a meeting, or have lunch with a friend. An old-meets-new-school space, a stimulating work space, meeting hub and workshop area.

We have taken care to integrate co-working spaces, which allow the people who will work there to meet people with similar skills and interests. Wanna Grow is an activation space where people can meet, eat, talk, learn and work – situated between the co-working zone and the regular Wanna Work office space.

The Home of the Now is a perfect example of a community-driven workspace, which we believe are for brands who want to offer people (employees, visitors and clients) an ideal experience, facilitate them with everything they need and give them a space where they can connect with and can be inspired by peers.

A workplace for a new generation
The Home of the Now is a perfect example of a workplace for Millennials, offering them multi-spaces where they can

  • Work
  • Mingle with new people
  • Get inspired by new people
  • Work differently as their needs are different

Millennials want their workplace to be their second home, and the Home of the Now will be just that.

Gen Zs, on the other hand, value independent work environments and uniqueness in life, but feel connectivity is important, and the Home of the Now can become a place where they are fully able to explore their future dreams and connect with like-minded people.

Our advice? Be ready to connect with the new talents of the future and start your own ‘Home of the Now’.

Who are Millennials?
Millennials are team players rather than individual players, and they are looking for employment or work-related spaces where they can become friends with their peers/colleagues.

They hate boredom, so flexibility in work as well as diversity in work spaces are very important to them. They prefer to build a life away from work. Do not expect Millennials to work 60 hours a week. Make no mistake, they are hard workers, but their work/life balance is the most important to them. Brands or companies that employ Millennials will benefit from offering them a work/life-balanced workplace.

Who are Gen Zs?
Most of Gen Z, a.k.a. the Post-Millennials, are not interested in studying for ages, as they feel they can manage a good career themselves, rather than starting their career with a huge college debt.

They truly value independence and are looking for places where they can find peers and people they feel they can learn and benefit from. Gen Zs are more inclined to start their own business, due to the infinite possibilities of the digital world and online sales. This means that they search for independent workplaces where they can further develop their own business or start another one.