Complementing contrasts

Eye-catching details. Bright colors. Glitter table tops and a beautiful terrazzo floor. The Asian restaurant in Copenhagen, Tigermom, has a unique atmosphere and personality that have captured international attention.

In close cooperation with the owner of the restaurant, the Danish design trio ATM Design has created a unique interior concept which HOLMRIS B8 brought to life through future, lamps, and custom-made solutions.

The vision of Tigermom’s interior concept was to create a room with surprising impressions through contrasts between the traditional down-to-earth expression and modern and quirky details.

”We emphasized the small details because we believe that the detailing is what leaves a lasting impression on future guests.”Alexandra Raben-Levetzau, Interiør Designer at ATM Design.

This is for instance expressed in the burgundy metal screens which have a heart pattern instead of the classic pattern. In the coatroom, plush velvet, brass hangers, and neon lighting offer a warm and surprising welcome.

The restaurant is characterized by the complementing contrasts. Classic lighting and chairs mixed with glimmer tabletops and pink bar elements. Tigermom keeps surprising and the guests can explore the several universes that bring the restaurant together in a peculiar and cohesive sense experience.