Turnkey Interior Design Solution for Five-Story Headquarters

When more than 500 employees needed new surroundings in the Copenhagen headquarters of Danish SimCorp, a global C25 company, their wishes were clear: The newly renovated headquarters should better reflect the modern ways people work, with fewer permanent work stations and more lounge areas offering room for uninterrupted meetings.

At the same time, SimCorp wanted to make the new corporate headquarters more relaxed and homey, with a softer look and organic shapes.

A Homey Look
The comprehensive renovations, which were carried out in four stages over a period of a year and a half, are the brainchild of architect Rigmor Heebøll, while HOLMRIS B8 supplied and installed all the furnishings. The keywords are high-end furniture, primarily Danish design. They chose a mix of existing and new furniture, and made use of our take-back solution for their surplus furniture.

The five-story building on Weidekampsgade in Copenhagen is very distinctive, with a round atrium in the middle of the building providing every space with a fantastic inflow of light. In the large reception area, all guests are now greeted by a cozy lounge area, while employees work primarily in a series of large open-plan office spaces.

For the workstations, they decided to keep their original HOLMRIS B8 Genese desks, and supplement with specially designed benches and counters, also from HOLMRIS B8.

Variety of Work Zones
A series of corridors connecting the open-plan offices are furnished to give the employees informal meeting spaces and nooks in a variety of high, low, soft and flexible surroundings.

For instance, some corridors are furnished with homey, screened-off nooks using HOLMRIS B8’s own high-backed Free sofa, accented with soft rugs and round tables, while GRID shelving units from Montana are used to create multiple meeting spaces in the same area.

In SimCorp’s after-hours “bar”, there is room for laid-back socializing at the high bar or a round of ping pong at a table specially designed by HOLMRIS B8. In the corner, meanwhile, there is flexible seating with a series of Stage modules from HOLMRIS B8, supplemented by the soft Carry On chair from OFFECCT.

Finally, HOLMRIS B8 also supplied furniture for SimCorp’s training center, conference rooms and project rooms, including, among others, the Quattro table and Cobra chair from HOLMRIS B8.