Make room for storage – and for creativity, concentration and contemplation

The new multifunctional storage series KEEP from HOLMRIS B8, developed in collaboration with NERD architects, creates room for everything, even in very small spaces. With a wide range of inserts and modules, you can design your own cabinets, drawers, storage units, desks and workstations, and adapt the modules and functions to precisely match your teaching activity and working methods.

The series provides room for creativity and helps you keep track of materials and equipment with plenty of storage space and seating areas.

And when your needs change, it is easy to rearrange and move the shelves and other inserts between the various modular elements in the series.

Speaking about the design, project manager and architect Alexander Carlsen from NERD architects says:

“We have consciously designed a series of consistent lines and colour combinations that create a strong overall impression no matter how you combine the various elements. The cabinets bring identity to any room, whether as freestanding elements or as an integrated wall cabinet.”

Take a break among the modules
In addition to storage, the KEEP series can be used to create small seating areas that are ideal for taking a break or focusing on an assignment. Make a bench with a cushion, or design creative seating areas with large, soft inserts with organic contours. The two-piece soft insert includes a large foam cushion that can be taken out of the storage module and used on the floor for imaginative play or breaks. In the niche created by removing the foam cushion, a student can sit and work on an assignment. This minimises wasted space, while optimising how the furniture can be used.

“It allows students to work in different ways and vary their workspaces over the course of the day. In this way, peripheral floor space in hallways, classrooms, etc can be used as extra learning spaces and seating areas,” says Alexander Carlsen.