An Entire Building Solely Decorated with Used Furnishings

The University of Copenhagen has opened the doors to a brand new innovation center, Lighthouse – decorated solely with used furnishings.

All furniture was either found in the university’s basement, procured through HOLMRIS B8’s donation network for used furniture, or upcycled from surplus materials.

In close collaboration with architectural firm Over Byen Arkitekter and Lighthouse, HOLMRIS B8 managed the locating and sourcing of the desired furniture as well as upcycling, refurbishing and cleaning all furniture. We even built new furniture from surplus materials and old folding doors from the Panum Building.

Watch the video below to learn how HOLMRIS B8 approached the assignment. You can also hear Sofie Juul Hjort, architect from Over Byen Arkitekter, talk about what it requires to design interiors entirely with used furnishings, and Marius Sylvestersen, UCPH Chief Innovation Officer, talk about the collaboration.

Watch TV2 Lorry’s news item about Lighthouse (18:47, in Danish).