How to sit in an ergonomically correct position

How are you sitting in your chair right now? Is your back slouched? Perhaps your legs are crossed and cutting off your blood circulation? And is there pressure on your pelvis? Probably much more than you think.

This isn’t news to you. Sitting too much is not good for us. It leads to a long list of ailments, lifestyle-related diseases and inactivity. But how should you sit to achieve the most ergonomically correct position and minimise these negative effects? Is sitting at 90 degrees the answer? Not anymore…

Study of sitting postures
Simon Dennehy, a design graduate from Ireland, has studied sitting postures, especially in children. This lead to his final project, ‘Perch’, which has garnered international acclaim. Now, he has joined forces with designer Hans Thyge & Co. to develop a chair concept based on Simon’s research. He has found that a higher sitting position and greater distance between the legs results in a more ergonomic sitting posture.

Watch this 2½-minute video to learn more – you might stand up while watching it.