HOLMRIS B8 Furniture Carrying the Nordic Ecolabel

If you want your purchasing and consumption to leave as small a footprint in nature and the environment as possible, you should look for the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.

You probably recognize the label with the green stripes from shampoo bottles and cleaning products. Now you can also choose from among four table designs from HOLMRIS B8 that carry the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.

The following tables come in ecolabel versions:

Anne Stokvad Madsen, Head of Quality, Environment & Processes at HOLMRIS B8, says:

“At HOLMRIS B8, we make a concentrated effort to reduce our environmental footprint in everything we do. In our actions throughout the organization, as well as in the furniture and services we offer our customers. For instance, we manufacture furniture using FSC-certified wood, use water-based varnish and extend the lifespan of furniture by donating used furniture to organizations. So it makes perfect sense for some of our most popular tables to carry the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, which many of our customers recognize from elsewhere in their daily lives.”

Optimization of the Entire Life Cycle

The Nordic Swan has been the official ecolabel of the Nordic countries since 1989. It is your guarantee that products carrying the Nordic Swan have as minimal an environmental impact as possible throughout their life cycle. This focus on the entire product journey makes the Nordic Swan Ecolabel different from most other ecolabel programs, which often only focus on a single aspect of the journey.

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