FSC® / 240kg CO₂e / Design: Anett Brøgger


Simple lightweight metal shelves that create space, storage and transparency in the modern decor.

The shelves can be placed against walls or stand free as room dividers. Shelves, cupboards and plant boxes can be purchased as accessories.

The product is a part of Nordic Collection, our series of furniture with climate data.
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Climate data

240kg CO₂e
Climate emission (EU) for Divider / Dimensions: 6 rooms, incl. bottom shelf / Length: 166.5 cm / Width: 35 cm / Height: 102.5 cm / Frame: Black / Bottom self: Oak.

Compensate for the CO2e-emissions: When you buy furniture through us, you can help plant trees that compensate for the CO2e emissions of furniture production.


FSC® certification: The product can be ordered as FSC-certified. HOLMRIS B8 holds a FSC certification with the license code FSC® C104600.


Accessories: Black, mushroom, oak or walnut

Frame and plinth: Black or mushroom


Height: 102.5-197.5 cm
Width: 35 cm
Length: 111.5-166.5 cm