New Maritime Domicile for DFDS

Architecture with distinct maritime features and a location at Copenhagen’s North Harbor, as well as a design that calls for innovation and collaboration – every last detail was thought of in the development and design of shipping and logistics company DFDS’s new headquarters, which will house 500 employees and provide room for even more growth.

PLH Architects designed the new headquarters and the interior design with focus on space planning and fit-out. Rita Arch has been responsible for the furniture and graphics in the interior design while HOLMRIS B8 supplied all new furniture and upcycled existing furniture.

Cooperation and creativity
On the outside, the building architecture is inspired by a cruise ship, while the interior is intended to inspire employees to develop, innovate and collaborate in a work environment that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

As such, the building design has different collaboration zones. Here, for example, employees can meet at noise-absorbing tables and chairs, immerse themselves in soft lounge furniture, or take a seat at a row of stools with a view of the Oslo ferry. At the same time, employees can gather in small kitchenettes on all floors of the building.

All employees are in open-plan office spaces divided with special shelving units into rooms within rooms, allowing for both collaboration and concentration. At the same time, a number of creative spaces provide employees a place to go for larger meetings or brainstorming sessions.

Old and new
Throughout the decor, the focus is on a modern style with a twist of homey coziness. The color choice is a mix of DFDS’s own blue logo and light earth tone colors, while materials like wood and wool are used throughout the building.

In addition to supplying all new furniture, HOLMRIS B8 provided a range of services in relation to recycling in the new headquarters, including shining up and repainting DFDS’s old cafeteria furniture to fit into the new surroundings.

DFDS’s new domicile in Copenhagen opened in February 2022.