7 Desks + 1 Ingenious Solution to Extend the Life of your Desk

In between meetings, transport, lunch and the printer room, our desk serves as home base throughout our workday. We spend hours at it, which is why it’s important to have a desk that functions optimally, supports varied work postures and fits in well with the rest of the furnishings in the space.

In this article, we present you with seven examples of different desks with their own style and qualities that do just that.

Six of the desks are height-adjustable, and as you will see, there is no need to compromise on beautiful, Scandinavian design when you also want the option to work standing up.

In addition to the seven desks, we will share a great tip that will extend the life of your desk and still enable you to adapt it to changing needs.

1. Ecolabel on two legs
If it is important to you that your furniture has the smallest possible environmental footprint, you can choose furniture that carries the Nordic Ecolabel. This desk is a fine example. With the ecolabel, you can be sure that the product has as little impact on the environment as possible, throughout its entire life cycle.

The desk’s columns are rectangular, giving it a minimalist look that doesn’t clutter up the office landscape.

  • Height-adjustable
  • Available in a Nordic Ecolabel version
  • Hidden cable grommet or cable tray
  • Available with power dots, desk screens and a divided desktop to keep cables out of sight
  • Available with a drawer
  • Desktop: linoleum, Resistant, NanoSoft laminate, laminate, veneer
  • Frame: black, white, aluminum or anthracite

2. Two in one
With this desk, you get two workstations on just one frame.

Use it to create little workstation islands without taking up too much space. You can promote the individual employee’s focus and concentration by mounting an acoustic desk screen.

  • Height-adjustable
  • Available in a Nordic Ecolabel version
  • Hidden cable grommet or cable tray
  • Available with power dots, desk screens and divided desktop to keep cables out of sight
  • Desktop: Linoleum, Resistant, NanoSoft laminate, laminate, veneer
  • Frame: black, white and other colors from our Color Collection

3. Discrete energy
This desk is discrete both in form and function. But the materials will give you plenty of energy.

The desktop material, Valchromat, is 30% stronger than MDF and has the same sustainability profile, with FSC® certification and recycling options. You have a wide range of color choices for the desktop’s core and surface, so you can achieve the exact look you’ve always dreamed of.

You adjust the height of the desk using design tags strategically placed inside the desktop. The cables are integrated to prevent unsightly wires or the need for cable trays.

  • Available in a Nordic Ecolabel version
  • Height-adjustable
  • Desktop surface: linoleum, laminate, soft laminate or veneer
  • Core material: black, gray, orange or blue
  • Frame: dusty gray, matte white or dusty black

4. Clean lines with a twist
Most of us prefer slim lines. But if you want a minimalist look with a twist, this desk is perfect.

Designed by Morten Voss and Christian Hedlund, who combined rigid with soft by bending the feet into a lovely organic shape.

Choose from a large selection of colors for a one-of-a-kind desk.

  • Height-adjustable
  • Desktop surface: linoleum, laminate, NanoSoft laminate or veneer
  • Frame: black or white. Feet with polished tops
  • Integrated cable tray

5. On the diagonal …
If you like a desk that stands out, then this is the right one for you.

You get classic clean lines contrasted by an iconic frame with distinctive diagonal legs. The result is a timeless design that can also be used for conference tables and high tables to achieve consistency in your decor.

The Cabale series was created by Danish design duo Lise & Hans Isbrand in 1996 and relaunched nearly 20 years later in 2015.

  • Height-adjustable
  • Desktop surface: linoleum, laminate, nano-laminate, Resistant or veneer
  • Frame: black, white and a selection of colors
  • Legs: oak or black-stained oak

6. Simplicity. In its purest form.
A height-adjustable desk doesn’t have to look “ordinary”. It can also be elegant and light, and this model is a prime example.

The mechanism is hidden in this desk, so the clean, stringent lines get all the attention. But you can still raise the table to enable you to adjust your posture throughout the day.

With a design this simple, you can add personality with a wide range of colors, color combinations and materials. And why not complete the look with a beautiful desk chair and perhaps a lamp?

  • Height-adjustable
  • Desktop surface: linoleum, NanoSoft-laminate or Resistant
  • Frame: black or white

7. A desk with history
This desk from Labofa’s Heritage Collection was created based on old archival drawings from the 1950-60s found in the company’s attic.

In 2019, Norm Arkitekter curated the design development of a selection of furniture based on these drawings, including this desk.

It may be smaller than an ordinary desk (74x120x60), but it comes with a history that is bigger than most.

  • Available with or without a drawer module with 1 or 2 drawers
  • Drawer fronts: black, white or oak
  • Frame: black or white
  • Desktop: classic veneer, natural stone or linoleum
  • Not height-adjustable

… And now an ingenious solution to extend the life of your desk

Okay, ingenious might be promising a bit much, but we can promise that this tip will help you:

Replace your desktop easily

Achieve flexibility to convert a desk into, say, a conference table

Shop sustainably, because you can extend the life of your desk

Reduce expenses on new furniture

And here’s the tip: By giving your desk a special frame, you only need to replace the desktop when it’s time for an upgrade.

Or if you no longer need the desk, you can transform it into a conference or project table instead.

With this patented frame system, it’s easy to change the function of the desk simply by changing the desktop – and it doesn’t even require tools.

In other words, the system gives you the freedom and flexibility to combine any desktop and frame from the Q20, Q40 and S60 series from HOLMRIS B8.