Business Academy Aarhus

Business Academy Aarhus

Business Academy Aarhus

Sønderhøj 7G
DK-8260 Viby J

Contemporary learning environments with a green focus

With more than 4,900 full-time students and nearly as many part-time students, Business Academy Aarhus is one of the largest business colleges in Denmark.

The campus comprises several buildings in the Viby J district, and the latest addition is the brand new 7G building on Sønderhøj with interiors designed in cooperation with by ERIK Arkitekter. Based on their interior design concept, HOLMRIS B8 worked closely with the Academy’s facilities department to create an exciting and green learning environment for students of agriculture and finance.

Rebekka Arentoft, facilities manager at Business Academy Aarhus, says:

‘We have a strong focus on interior design in our buildings to ensure excellent learning environments of the highest quality. And this new building is no exception. In the design process, we worked with a great team at HOLMRIS B8. They handled everything pertaining to orders, logistics and deliveries, which made us feel in safe hands. The close and honest dialogue helped us complete the project and achieve this fine result.’

Nature is given a prominent place
An impressive atrium makes up the heart of the building, creating a bright and open environment up through all five levels. The sculptural white staircase with sharp angles at the centre of the building connects all five levels beautifully.

On each floor there are classrooms, offices and study areas, but each floor has its own look and layout. Colours, materials, furniture and art are the thread that connects the entire interior design concept, where nature has been given a prominent place.

Modular furniture provides flexibility and variety
The Tweet modular lounge furniture line from HOLMRIS B8 is used in both the study and lounge areas. The high modules are used to create screened-off study areas where students can immerse themselves, either in group projects or in individual study. The low modules are primarily used in the atrium, where they create more open environments – perfect for informal chats and places to sit between classes.

In both the study and lounge areas, the Stage bench modules, designed by Friis & Moltke for HOLMRIS B8, provide practical seating where there is always room for one more. On the benches, there are cushions in various shades of green for comfort within a nature-focused design concept.

No dead space
On every floor, the halls are utilised to the max with specially designed ‘boxes’ on the walls serving as either extra seating or little writing areas.