FSC® / Design: AART architects

Informal Recrafted

Informal consists of five simple basic modules, which are quickly put together and which can just as quickly be disassembled again.

They can be placed independently or in pairs of two, forming rows and formations of different heights and features. From low podiums and benches for tables, high tables and bookcases; creating space and opportunities for pause and contemplation or for meeting across disciplines, talking and collaborating.

Informal is designed by AART architects. In the Recrafted edition, the range iscrafted from solid surplus pine that would otherwise be scrapped or incinerated.

The product is a part of Recrafted, our collection of upcycled and recycled furniture and pieces made from responsible materials.
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FSC® certification: The product can be ordered as FSC-certified. HOLMRIS B8 holds a FSC certification with the license code FSC® C104600.


Tabletop: Stained pine

Frame: Stained pine wood in natural white


Height: 30/45/75/90/105 cm
Width: 45 cm
Length: 200 cm