Høje-Taastrup Children’s and Cultural Center

Høje Taastrup Børne- og Kulturhus

City’s cultural hub is the 2023 School Building of the Year

As a first in Denmark, Høje-Taastrup Municipality has brought together primary and lower secondary education, after-school care, day-care, cultural activities, and a range of sports clubs under one roof in the new Children’s and Cultural Center. The building’s users, citizens, children and visitors gather in a cultural hub where learning and creativity are the main focus.

This unique approach to combining learning and culture has earned the Høje-Taastrup Children’s and Cultural Center the School Building of the Year award for 2023.

The building was designed by architects Kjaer & Richter, the interiors were designed by Christensen & Co., and HOLMRIS B8 supplied the majority of the furnishings, including all tables, desks and chairs in classrooms, the canteen, administrative offices and workstations for teachers.

A Sense of Security
While the building caters to everyone from pensioners to music instructors, it is children who use the facilities the most, and the interior design is tailored specifically for this group. The aim was to create a sense of belonging by breaking the giant building up into smaller units centered around music, art, preschool children, movement, etc.

Furniture is used to emphasize the experience of small, secure spaces in a large building, including specially designed pieces from the Making Space furniture series designed by Christensen & Co. and manufactured by HOLMRIS B8. This furniture series is now part of the standard range from HOLMRIS B8.

Making Space is featured in several group rooms to provide screening between workstations. The series is also used in the library area, where the high sides on the sofas create cozy nooks while its exterior shelves promote good reading experiences.

The dusty green and pale coral combined with the warmth of wood strike a perfect balance to create a connecting thread throughout the entire building.

Creative Play and Learning
Everything from room dividers to fittings and outdoor areas are designed for many years of play, learning and creative pursuits. In the canteen, specially designed tables with organic shapes encourage conversation, while learning can take place in different areas of the building according to the needs of the activity in question.

The interior design is practical as well as playful. Pernille Folting, acting principal, said at the award ceremony for School Building of the Year 2023:

“It has been a pleasure to move into a building designed specifically for modern schooling and that encourages a playful and inquisitive approach to learning.”