Co-working Space for Tomorrow’s Urban Development

The BloxHub co-working space in the BLOX building in Copenhagen is a new kind of shared office facility and international network. It is a Nordic hub for sustainable urban development, based on the precept that the challenges of global urbanisation and climate change call for new forms of cooperation.

BloxHub therefore sets new standards for workspaces by combining business, education, showrooms, events and exhibitions. The space creates room for innovation and novel concepts at all levels by doing away with traditional boundaries between tenants.

Furniture for New Collaboration

Interior design and furniture provide a strong foundation for BloxHub’s focus and the new forms of collaboration it offers its users. Together with Danielsen Spaceplanning, who were in charge of the interior design, we supplied all of the furniture for the co-working facilities.

We have created a diversity of rooms and zones within the space, making use of specially designed furniture and a mix of classic Danish design and pieces from up-and-coming designers. The result creates the perfect setting for meetings and identifying new concepts for sustainable urban solutions.

The sustainable, green focus is further highlighted by the 120 exotic plants from all over the world provided by Danielsen Urban Landscape.