Thinking Big for Creative Interior Design

AAU INNOVATE is Aalborg University’s distinctive and inspirational new hub for the city’s entrepreneurial students, researchers and business community. The ambitions were sky-high from the outset, and everything from the architecture to the interior design superbly facilitates original, innovative ideas in an interface between wide-ranging disciplines, insights and domains.

COBE served as consulting architects, while HOLMRIS B8 supplied all the furniture and decor.

Quality and Design Everywhere
The new Science & Innovation Hub consists of lounge areas along with offices, labs, meeting rooms, an auditorium and workshops. The vision was to create an open community hub for the parties involved and the citizens of Aalborg alike. To that end, the new Science & Innovation Hub, in the form of a long, terraced building with multiple arrival spaces and a multistory central street, inspires activity, dynamic interaction and informal meetings.

To underpin the hub’s culture of openness and innovation, a number of “garages” have been fitted out in the basement – spaces envisioned to inspire ideation and entrepreneurship, all on the users’ own terms. Equally, the building’s expansive windows on the ground floor offer a peek into tomorrow’s ideas for all passers-by.

While the hub’s large-scale outfacing facilities are located on the ground floor, the spaces gradually become more intimate and secluded higher up in the building, to provide room for deep concentration.

HOLMRIS B8 was responsible for all furniture supplied to the new AAU INNOVATE – Science & Innovation Hub, and the focus was on the design excellence that inspires flexibility and facilitates human interaction.

With that in mind, the office and work spaces are furnished with sit-to-stand desks from U.S. brand Watsson, whiteboards from System180, and Hay New Order shelving and metal cabinets. In the lounge area, the building’s students and businesses can meet in soft sofas from Muuto, grab a coffee meeting at café tables from &Tradition and FDB, or relax in Harc Tub lounge seating.

AAU INNOVATE – Science & Innovation Hub opened in October 2022.