Service Check

With our service check, we keep you fully informed about the condition of your furniture and suggest improvements so you and your colleagues can enjoy your furniture for as long as possible.

Our service check is a useful tool for prioritizing actions and financial resources, as well as a way to extend the life of your office furnishings.

We can tell you which furniture requires care and tending to, a screw tightened or a caster replaced, so your employees can use the furniture for many years to come. Our specialized service technicians conduct thorough inspections and functionality tests of all of your company’s furniture to provide you with a precise list of what needs servicing.

A service check comprises:

  • Functionality check of all furniture
  • Minor adjustments to furniture and equipment
  • Assessment of the condition of furniture
  • Recommendations for repairs, replacements and upgrades
  • Report and budget proposal
  • Option of warranty extension by implementing service technician recommendations

Should we give your company’s furniture an overhaul service?

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We also offer furniture care and maintenance.