GROOVY is part of a large family of chairs with very elegant, distinctive design. This chair has a polypropylene plastic shell, which gives it a light expression while still being highly durable. The chair is also available as an upholstered chair with armrests to increase the seating comfort. The variety of GROOVY chairs makes it a highly flexible and useful collection of chairs that are applicable as bar stools, educational chairs, in cafeterias, and as a conference room chair.

What is interesting about GROOVY is the advanced geometry that lies behind the formation of the shell as this is a complex process where the material in the shell is distributed with varying material thickness to achieve a dynamic suspension in the back and proper support for the lower back. The choice of material makes the chair both ergonomically suitable and strong enough to handle strenuous public use.

The color palette consists of a variety of harmonious and contrasting colors such as blue, grey, and red. Furthermore, there are several varieties of the chair to ensure a broad selection for our customers. These include the GROOVY chair with four legs, the GROOVY armchair, the GROOVY chair with a sledge frame, and finally the GROOVY chair with a five-legged cross frame with wheels.